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Over 100 years ago, FTD started "saying it with flowers" when they leveraged the cutting-edge technology of the telegraph and railroads to deliver unforgettable floral gifts across the country and, later, around the world. That tradition of innovation and forward-thinking has grown this iconic company into a gifting powerhouse. Our entrepreneurial culture and unwavering commitment to our people creates a dynamic work environment that celebrates collaboration, quality, superior service and constant innovation.

From inspiring creative and merchandising opportunities, to careers in marketing, analytics and technology, we have an opportunity for anyone who shares our passion for excellence.

We love what we do, and we're excited to invite you to be a part of it.

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FTD Values

What we expect:

  • Customer Centricity: Make our customers your #1 priority.
  • Accountability: Own it - be accountable for your outcomes. Be candid and transparent if you mess up.
  • Data Driven: Let data prevail over opinions. Take pride in quality and attention to detail.
  • Holistic Viewpoint: Don't work in a vacuum. Connect the dots and look at the bigger picture. Understand how your work impacts the work of others.
  • Innovation: Innovation takes time, course correction and persistence. Don't limit yourself with short term thinking.
  • Resilience: Embrace failure, learn from it and then try again.
  • Positivity: Be a team player. Be nice. Be positive. Show respect, even when you disagree. Have fun.
  • Fairness: Champion fairness and merit-based decisions. Be inclusive. It takes a diverse team to delight a diverse audience.

What We Offer:

  • An opportunity to be heard. You are a valued member of this company and don't need permission to speak up.
  • An opportunity to earn a seat at the table based on your results and how you treat others.
  • An opportunity to earn incentives based on results.
  • We encourage and welcome out-of-the-box ideas in all areas. Suggestions and solutions are welcome from every level and can be given to any level.
  • An opportunity to build your career. We have a strong bias on promoting from within.

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